Wednesday, October 14, 2009

September 17th at the river

I have alot of catching up to do documenting the resto etc, who has time to do this stuff... Well at least i can throw in some pix and videos of the fun we are having.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting out and about

What's new? Well the fun has started. I'm playing a different role than when I was a kid. Back in the day, my brothers and I had this down to a science. Pack a lunch, get gas, and go cause time is a wasting. Now sharing the ride with little girls and a wife that don't have boating experience does tend to slow me down. That's OK.
In time I'll get to the before and afters of the restoration. I'm still dealing with some issues left over from the "Walter Brown Experience". Walter is a great guy, and I learned alot from him, both good and bad. This has certainly been educational, but I pay'd dearly for a mistake that I thought I took the necessary measures to prevent. Lesson learned... unless you share the same goal, hiring help is risky. My goal was reasonable perfection at a fair cost. His goal was work fast in moments of slow business. Unfortunately this means taking short cuts, rough work, and still takes longer than it should. Live and learn. The next boat project I'll save money buying all the tools I need that don't already have, and doing all work myself. Tragically, I will have to one day tear this one down again to fix a cosmetic flaw that I just can't accept, and otherwise built to last forever.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 in water

Ok. Still burt out on redoing the resto travel logue that once existed on the CGOA forum. I will eventually catch up on reposting here. Please do feel free to ask questions. The project has brought a wealth of info, and if done again could avoid some mistakes. A's to Q's. What did I do special? Well lots of things. I used all composite materials instead of wood. Seacast transom...Polyurethane board stringers, floor, and floor plan ie ski locker/kick pads/& seat boxes. Seats are a bayliner aftermarket replacement that slide on a track. Also closed cell foam fill underfloor. Interior all gel coated and webbed for texture(and her pleasure). Engine is origonal Evinrude 115. Runs like a top. How fast? Speedo indicates just a hair under 50. That's plenty fast for me. Also went with all stainless steel hardware

Monday, December 8, 2008

Launch day

Only took a few pix, more later. Man I'm really lazy now...guess that means time for fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes, still behind schedule if we had a one. Been pretty distracted and haven't really taken good pictures yet, but that will happen soon enough. Got the motor on and the rub rail reinstalled. I need a good hot afternoon to heat up the rubber insert for the rub, as is, it is cold and stiff. The alluminun fits like a glove. Walter is showing me some more tricks of the trade in rigging. I have to say that the origonal rigging was pretty afro engineered. Never had the correct hardware to connect the teleflex to the motor. Like my drain hole? Another afterthought detail, the dash vinyl. Back to scrape sand prep before wiring instruments... Aaarg

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Initial teardown

Just about any boat this age will have dryrot issues. Boatbuilding technology of the 70's didn't intend for these beauties to last this long. Having a desire to restore this boat, famous for the world record breaking jump, I wanted to incorporate new technology while preserving origonal mistique. As I became aquainted with Walter Brown, I discovered much that does not conform to the traditionalist, but does go lockstep with advances modern boatbuilding. The first of this was the Seacast.

As I am not a boatbuilder by trade, I wanted to do this right. I realized that I didn't want to make an experiment with expensive materials on this boat. After some negotiating with Walter, he agreed to do the work while allowing me to do prep work, and assist in his shop saving me some money but costing me more than going it alone. First thing as directed by Walter, Gut it!

Pre resto defects

The boats is 35 years old, and sat outdoors for the last decade. I became 2nd or 3rd (?) owner in 1984. I was 15 years old, and avid water skier, and an eagle scout without a ride. My parents helped me out as a reward for my achievment. I saw the ad in the Tacoma News Tribune. Went to Gig Harbor WA for a test drive, and drove home a proud new boat owner. The boat was awesome, but did have her defects even then.

Bow U bolt loose (How to fix? without decaping)

Left seam leaked in turn

Substandard steering wheel connection

running lights inop

I lost the origonal seats when I was away from home, my parents threw them away after my oldest brother trashed them living the young bachelor life. In 1989 I came home (AZ at the time) to a boat minus seats. A few years later I fabricated seats as best as I could myself without origonal templates. They actually came out pretty good. I replaced the carpet, and repaired the floor with a teak wood reinforcement where the ski post had ripped out of the center of the floor. And that is how I left this boat in 1996 when I flew the coop to begin my post college career adventure.